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The statistics teenage drunk driving are ones that are truly unbelieveable. The fact still stands to this day and statistics show that teenage drunk driving kills 8 teenagers daily. In 2003 alone, more than 30 percent of teen drivers who died in an accident died in drunk driving accidents.

The sad part of all these disturbing statistics teenage drunk driving is that these numbers continue to rise. There are many drivers on the road, but out all the statistics for drunk driving accidents, 40% are teenagers. Furthermore, statistics show that 60% of all related teen deaths are alcohol related.

This epidemic is so important that some states have even considered lowering their legal BAC standards to .05 for teenagers. There are several measures being taken to lower the statistics teenage drunk driving, but the real solution would be to find a way to stop the underage drinking altogether.

The best way to stress the severity of statistics teenage drunk driving is with cold hard facts. A male teenage is 18 times prone to a deadly accident than his sober counterpart. A teenage girl is over 50 times likely to be involved in an accident. With statistics teenage drunk driving being so high, the time is now for parents to take a serious involvement in their teenagers lives.

The problem that most parent often have to deal with is lack of knowledge. A parent is often the last to know about their teenager’s driving habit. Nevertheless, parents, teachers and other important individuals in a child’s life have to become more involved if we are to lower the statistics teenage drunk driving anytime soon.

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